My internal reckoning of time says, “Why, it’s late July! August will soon be here! That means it should be starting to get a touch cooler in coming weeks so that it’s always windy and in the 50s-40s by late September!”

But my memory of last year says: It’s going to stay hot until like November FML





so the other day I made a post talking about the Atomic Grill in Morgantown West Virginia, about how they got a comment from a reviewer that said the servers should “show more skin” and in response they are having a potato skin special where all of the proceeds go to the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information Services

so today, I went to the Atomic Grill with my grandma and we partook; they had pamphlets about it and had these papers with “I say no more because _____” (my grandma’s is the one up above). also, the potato skins were amazing

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The Venture Bros signing with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

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I am planning to contribute… $20 to $200. I’m not telling you how much, just that it’s going to be a bit painful for my budget.

It’s villainy and extortion in a sense that we have to resort to paying a corporate entity in this kind of arrangement.  But sometimes you just have to make sure that people get water.

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Possibly something people already know, but:

If you see anyone in the heathen-related tags posting something and putting 14 or 88 or 1488 in the post somewhere, go ahead and block them. Both of those are code numbers for white supremacy/separatism. 14 stands for David Lane’s 14 words, 88 is a repetition of the eighth letter of the English alphabet, which stands for a certain exclamation used to hail the leader of the 3rd Reich. (Or David Lane’s 88 precepts, but bad news either way.)

These are not friends. They’re not co-religionists. They’re neonazis taking the Norse Mythology aesthetic and hiding behind it.



Halloween: the best time to buy decorations for your home.




The weirdest difference is the sound of the trains.  British train horns have a surging sound.  It’s the sound of a hundred and eighty five tons of metal hurling itself towards the future.  It’s a lie, but it’s a bright one.  Here we come.  We’re good at this.  We leap into the future at a hundred and twenty five miles an hour.

American train horns are so different.  I’d lay in bed at night and…

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'Sista Girls' by Bindi Cole

The term ‘Sistagirl’ is used to describe a transgender person in Tiwi Island culture. Traditionally, the term was ‘Yimpininni’.  The very existence of the word provides some indication of the inclusive attitudes historically extended towards Aboriginal sexual minorities. Colonisation not only wiped out many indigenous people, it also had an impact on Aboriginal culture and understanding of sexual and gender expression. As Catholicism took hold and many traditions were lost, this term became a thing of the past. Yimpininni were once held in high regard as the nurturers within the family unit and tribe much like the Faafafine from Samoa. As the usage of the term vanished, tribes’ attitudes toward queer indigenous people began to resemble that of the western world and religious right. Even today many Sistergirls are excluded from their own tribes and suffer at the hands of others.

Within a population of around 2500, there are approximately 50 ‘Sistagirls’ living on the Tiwi Islands. This community contains a complex range of dynamics including a hierarchy (a queen Sistergirl), politics, and a significant history of pride and shame. The Sistagirls are isolated yet thriving, unexplored territory with a beauty, strength and diversity to inspire and challenge.

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impossible earth by Careless Edition on Flickr.

An overgrown structure deep in the forest of Galicia, Spain  by Francisco Lopez


An overgrown structure deep in the forest of Galicia, Spain by Francisco Lopez

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