It appears the first episode of Vikings, from The History Channel, is available for free on iTunes (for the moment, I assume). I also see they do a season pass thing which, if it’s the only show you watch, or digital is your preferred medium for owning a show, isn’t too bad a deal. In USD,  it’s 25 in HD or 16 in SD. In includes all current episodes plus each new one, which will automatically download as they’re released. 

So I’m doing the first one here, at least I presume it is going by length (44min) and description, and I’ll be able to weigh in my verdict. :P I’ll probably wait until the full season is on disc to buy if it I like it enough. Disc is my preferred format. :P 

Now, if Venture Bros. s5 is getting the season pass treatment, I might just have to jump on that… D: in SD and then I’ll buy the bluray discs when it’s released… in like 2015 probably. :P You gotta love that show, seriously, to weather it’s schedules. I’m not mad, I fully understand why things go slowly and as long as they take whatever time they need to do the best job they can do, I’m glad. Not just from a viewer’s stand point, but also so they can have a show to point to and be proud of. And use to go on to even greater projects afterward.